What is the Pinecrest Real Estate Directory?

Need to sell your house? Are you a “For Sale by Owner?” Or maybe do you have a broker but you haven’t had a lot of traffic? Are you getting the proper online exposure? How long has your house been listed? Simply sticking a For Sale sign in your lawn, listing on the MLS, and putting an ad in your local paper doesn’t cut it anymore. Printed listings are become less popular as well as email blasts. How many emails does someone get in a day that they actually pay attention to?

Today’s world is full of ever changing advertising outlets and most of them are evolving. The internet and social media are the most valuable for real estate sales and promotion today. Ask your broker, do some research, and add your home now to the Pinecrest Marketplace Real Estate Directory. This is an opportunity to be one of the first to hit this new local marketing strategy and advertising outlet.

The goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. Most people go online to a view a property before physically going there. It is convenient and time effective. The biggest appeal is getting to see in advance what you are going to tour or possibly eliminating it before you even go. These days all sellers need to make sure they have beautiful pictures of their homes showing the most unique and picturesque angles. Any image submitted for display will be stalked online as it is the best way to get a serious buyer out to your home! So stage it effectively!

The larger your pool of potential buyers equals the more of a chance you will sell. Common sense right? But yet not so easy! Pinecrest Marketplace has now made it easier for you! Featured Listings on the right site, in front of the right audience, with the right social media is key. Prepare and present a quality listing and advertise it here to your local Pinecrest & surrounding area neighbors! For Sale by Owner, Rentals, & Broker Listings are all welcomed. Please fill out our contact form for pricing and availability.