The story is simple, logical and idealistically inspiring. We have identified a “waste” problem in the floral design business arena and we are working hard to offer a socially conscious solution to that problem. The “ah ha” realization that hundreds of thousands of dollars of fresh florals go to waste after an event ends (think weddings, showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinces, galas) led us to the incredible opportunity to create Sprucethis.com to connect buyers, donors, and sellers. Our innovative online marketplace not only helps local florists and event planners add to their businesses, but also allows the community access to gorgeous designer florals that are truly “four hours fresh.” Yes, we like that newly coined term, Four Hours Fresh, because it aptly describes the beautiful products that sellers will be able to post to our site for sale. It’s a win-win situation for everyone with a big floral bucket list and a smaller floral budget. If buying and selling are not in your game plan, consider logging on to sprucethis.com to schedule a floral donation with your “four hours fresh” floral centerpieces; you have the ability to bring cheer to a charity of your choice, and we are excited to help you complete that delivery (and get a tax deduction by doing so). Spruce will start in Pinecrest as its pilot market and gradually expand nationally to service all major US cities.