Stretch Zone

Stretch verb (intrans.): to be made capable of being longer or wider without tearing or breaking; to cause to last longer than expected; to make maximum use of talents or abilities.

Stretch. What does it mean to you? For Stretch Zone™ Miami, a local company dedicated to the art and perfection of the stretch, the answer is dynamic and multifaceted, the inspiration behind the innovative organization that is enriching the lives of pro athletes and weekend warriors alike.

For too long, the stretch has been considered an appendage, a mere afterthought to the more widely heralded cardio component of a balanced workout. Further research suggests, however, that not only is the stretch an essential component of the balanced workout, but a preventative measure that reduces the effects of aging, prevents athletic injury, increases range of motion – even improves your golf and tennis swing.

Many Miami locals have experienced the profound effect of the Stretch Zone™ method, and have been eager to tout its benefits. Bonnie Freeman, a long-time Stretch Zone™ client, gives Stretch Zone™ Miami credit for the relief of debilitating symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, recounting “I’m in my thirteenth year of having multiple sclerosis. I was petrified when I was first diagnosed. I was suffering from very bad foot drop and at my last doctor’s appointment he actually said that I had a seven-degree improvement in my dorsiflexion [bend of the hand or foot] which is huge for me – I’m able to walk so much better. I’m able to wear sneakers now, I’m able to walk barefoot now, things that we take for granted I’m able to do, and I give tremendous credit to StretchZone™ for these improvements.”

Furthermore, Miami Dolphins defensive end Oliver Vernon attributes regular professional-assisted stretching to gains in his athletic performance, yet reiterates the benefits of the system for all demographics: “I would recommend Stretch Zone™ Miami to anybody, not even just athletes – a regular person can do it. These guys are legit. They know the points to hit.”

Stretch Zone™ Miami utilizes innovative and research-proven methods to deliver a revitalizing professional-assisted stretch – specially designed tables utilize patented adjustable belts, pads, and straps that allow for the rapid extension of muscles further than the central nervous system would normally permit. This deep stretch produces a transformative full-body experience that delivers healing on a profound level, not only reducing stress, stiffness, and soreness, but delivering joint pain treatment, back pain relief, and a significant increase in range of motion.
The Stretch Zone™ method is a revolutionary system whose benefits are widespread and dynamic. To inquire as to how Stretch Zone™’s patented system can restore vitality in your life, reach out today at, or call 305.235.1999.