5 Reasons Why A Pinecrest Marketplace Website Is So Important!

  1. The most obvious reason- We all love immediate gratification! We all want things fulfilled as quickly as possible. It’s a fast paced world out there! Time is of the essence and we all want immediate satisfaction at any cost.
  2. It’s another form of social media we can all be addicted to! Seriously, how many times a day do you look at Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Or even just the Pinecrest Marketplace newsfeed to browse, to shop, to sell, and to see what great deals are out there. There are thousands of people that go to Facebook just to look at the PM news feed. After polling the audience we have been told, “This is better than Pokemon Go,” “I won’t move out of the Pinecrest Marketplace zip codes,” and “We are considering a 12 step program because we/re addicted.”
  3. Social media has changed our lives and Pinecrest Marketplace has completely disrupted the local community. Ask any member. Once you are a part of it, you really become a part of it and you just can’t disconnect.
  4. The people of PM, the before & afters, the connections, the friendships, the amount of transactions and $$$, the stories shared are all so inspiring that a whole new website, a whole new place to explore and love has evolved because of it.
  5. There is such a need for local businesses to gain exposure to this targeted group of friends & neighbors! The amount of ISO’s for local handymen, upholsterers, landscapers, photographers, moving companies, personal trainers, and so on are enormous. An outlet is needed for these types of requests and this website will supply that. It also has an upcoming real estate section and so much more to come! The ideas are endless!

What else do you think would be a great idea to include? Please share your thoughts and comments.


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