Miami Cardiologist Now Offers New Stem Cell Therapy For ED

Miami, Florida:  Dr. Melvin A. Martinez- Castrillon is an invasive cardiologist/ researcher and one of the very few in the country who has been trained and certified to perform stem cell therapy to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Miami, Fl.

The potential of stem cell therapy for ED has been made available to the US public. Extensive research on stem cell treatment of ED has demonstrated a sustained 82% favorable response rate. A paradigm shift in the medical field treating ED has occurred as well. Whereas in the past mostly a urologist would advise and treat ED patients, now cardiovascular specialists treat it as well since ED for most is a cardiovascular blood flow problem.

Current treatment modalities (pills like Viagra and Cialis, etc) are cumbersome and their benefit is temporary while the stem cell treatment improvements are permanent, therefore eliminating the need for further pill therapies. The ambulatory procedure validated by the FDA is done in under three-hours and there is no downtime from work with minimal discomfort and local anesthesia only.

Eighteen million men in the US struggle with ED.  If the patient is using and responding to pill therapies (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), they will respond to stem cell therapy as well since both treatments work by improving blood flow.

Dr. Martinez-Castrillon is an adult invasive cardiologist and researcher graduated from Universidad Central del Caribe in Puerto Rico. He diagnoses and treats all adult cardiovascular problems. He is one of the few cardiologists in S. Florida trained on stem cell therapy for cardiovascular disease.  He has been in practice in Miami since 2003.

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