Effective Tips: Are You A Buyer Or A Seller?

Effective Tips: Are you a Buyer or a Seller?

Pinecrest Marketplace FB group has made us all savvy business people. Who knew you could negotiate like that? Who knew you could turn your pre loved items into a handful of cash? Now that you have become experts, you look at your closet and everything in your house, your friend’s house, and your mom’s house in a different perspective. It all can have a price tag, it all can be a savings for the future, extra cash for a trip, or your child’s summer camp tuition. You have turned yourself into a business!

We rarely give stuff away anymore unless we have already tried to sell it first. Selling for $10 has become the hottest trend. It is the most fun form of recycling since you get to socialize and maybe make a new friend or business connection along the way. And it’s heathy for our environment! Maybe you are downsizing and need to quickly get rid of stuff or maybe you are moving to a larger home and need to furnish many rooms. Whatever the reason, it is a great place to move things quickly and safely. You get $ and someone else gets an amazing deal! It’s a win/win for everyone!

Here are important tips for Buyers & Sellers

Sellers: Make sure you have a clear photograph & description. It is best to include measurements, colors, sizes, and details. If there is any question you think someone may ask, include it! Research pricing and make sure you are happy with the price you are setting. If you are firm, SAY IT otherwise people will try to negotiate down. It’s the nature of the group!

Buyers: Be clear on the price prior to meet up and come with exact change. Make sure the item is as stated in the post. Test everything, make sure it works, and make sure it fits before you pay!

Any more tips??? Please share your own experiences XO

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