Lost Dogs Are Becoming An Epidemic – Pets Are Family Members!

As I scour the Pinecrest Marketplace newsfeed every day and even my own personal Facebook it becomes more and more apparent how many people lose their dogs. It is heartbreaking! Although there are a lot of happy endings, sometimes there are some not so happy endings. It amazes me how much we all come together as animal lovers when someone posts a lost or found animal. We all go to so many measures to help each other- Sharing the posts, giving helpful advice and tips, meeting up to search, and even giving a dog/cat owner a glimmer of hope that they will be reunited with their beloved pet soon. Life is better when we all work together! There is nothing like an animal lover and especially the ones here at Pinecrest Marketplace. I have seen turtles, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs reunited with their owners through this amazing network and we are just a buy/sell group.

This lost pet issue seems like it is becoming an epidemic. Something that should be uncommon is becoming all too common.  Microchipping your pets is SO important! This should be the first thing you do when getting a pet. Keeping them in a safe environment is your responsibility as a pet owner. Your pets should be treated liked you kids! They are a part of your family.

A lot of times on the found animal posts people start offering to adopt. First, they should realize these animals most likely have an owner desperate to find them and the person posting it in social media is trying to help and do just that. If you are so quick to adopt an animal did you know there are at least 500 animals available a day at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter? There are puppies, kittens, purebreds, gorgeous mixed breeds, even gentle seniors that need homes. There are also tons of local rescues that are beyond full that would love to have your offer of a loving, happy home!

Did you know there is a small extension of MDAS at our local Petco in South Miami? These animals have all been temp tested and evaluated for families and are ready to adopt! Check it out. Save a life. Adopt a pet.

  1. PETCO 6200 S. Dixie Hwy South Miami 33143
  2. Miami Dade Animal Shelter – Call 311 or 305 884 1101. 3599 NW 79th Ave. Doral, FL 33166
  1. For adopting a German Shepherd, SHARE (Shepherd Help & Rescue Effort) is amazing. Follow them on FB.

Please comment and add any other local dog rescue and tell a little about them.

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